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The Flysch Route in Sopela

Arriatera (guided tour)

This route along Arrietara beach provides a fine view of the entrancing flysch rock formations along Bizkaia’s shores. This includes an opportunity to see the beautiful fossils of the fauna that once lived in what has now become our coastline. We will learn how to read the rocks that tell a story about the past. You will travel back through the Earth’s history together with a geologist to see the world from a very different perspective through her eyes.
  • Date: 8th April
  • Time: 10:30
  • Duración: 1,5 hours
  • Meeting point: Arriatera beach (next to Escuela de Surf Peña Txuri)
  • Edad mínima: 7
  • Plazas: 30
  • Price: 8 €
  • Languages: Es
  • Accesible:
  • Families:
  • Recomendaciones:You have to enter the sand.
  • Information y reservations: Geotxiki | 677 17 09 21 |