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When we talk about geotourism we mean something more than just visiting the geological sights of a place. Geotourism is sustainable tourism where the main attraction is geology. But, it also strives to connect with the nature and culture of a region. It supports local sustainable development, it means enjoying the beauty of its landscape and setting out on an adventure that will take you through millions of years of history.

Biscay has a first rate geological heritage and all the services and information resources you need to publicise, preserve and give value to it are put within your reach.

You can visit the places of geological interest in Biscay on your own using the informative panels along the Flysch of Biscay. Or, if you prefer, you can see them on our website or during one of the activities we have ready for you.

You can find a lot of ways to enjoy the Flysch of Biscay here. In addition to the different kinds of guided tours and educational and informative workshops, there are also many leisure and active tourism businesses in our area that will let you have unforgettable experiences up and down the cast in a truly spectacular natural setting.

We want to open the doors of geology and let all kinds of people know about its value. You don't have to be an expert by any means. All you need is some curiosity and be ready to learn a ton of new things about our environment.

Lastly, we'd just like to ask you to engage in responsible tourism so that all of us together can contribute to making the trips and tours enriching and sustainable.


  • Know your rights
  • Support local development
  • Support good treatment of working people
  • Respect diversity
  • Enjoy Basque culture
  • Contribute to the conservation of heritage
  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment Leave everything the way you found it
  • Choose sustainable products and services
  • Use sustainable transport
  • Be a responsible tourist
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