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Getxo, end to end - Landscape route

Punta Begoña Galleries

Delve into the nature and history of Getxo by walking the four and a half kilometres between Punta Galea and Punta Begoña with our team. Along the way we will learn about the historical keys of the municipality: the formation of the flysch, the prehistoric settlements, the military constructions, the structures of the economic take-off, the remains of wars, business, wealth, intrigues, crises and ruins of the last century... And also its relevance in Bizkaia and Euskadi.
IMPORTANT: In case of bad weather, with prior notice, the tour will move to Punta Begoña, where historical milestones will be explained in the various areas of the galleries. In this case, the visit will last 90 minutes.

  • Date: 2nd June
  • Time: 10:30
  • Duración: 3 hours
  • Meeting point: La Galea Fort (Ctra. de la Galea, 32)
  • Edad mínima:
  • Plazas: 20
  • Price: 3€
  • Languages: Es, eu
  • Accesible:
  • Families:
  • Recomendaciones:We advise you to bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes or sunscreen.
  • Information y reservations: Fundación Punta Begoña l