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Untold tales of the rocks of the mansions

Guided tour

Getxo holds many geological secrets on its coast and inland. Buildings on which the untrained eye sees just walls, ornamentation and windows have complex stories to tell. This tour reveals the urban geology behind numerous buildings in Getxo. This tour takes in numerous standout buildings and features of Getxo, and shows how minerals and fossils have been used in them for decoration. If you have an interest in geology and want to learn the geological secrets of Getxo's sightseeing attractions, then this is the tour for you.
  • Date: 8th August
  • Time: 18:00h
  • Duración: 2 hours
  • Meeting point: Bizkaia Bridge square
  • Edad mínima: 6
  • Plazas: 30
  • Price: € 5
  • Languages: Es
  • Accesible:
  • Families:
  • Recomendaciones:
  • Information y reservations: Ekobideak | 666 857 761 |