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Have you noticed that the rocks around Armintza are arranged like a mil hojas? This geological formation with a sedimentary origin is called a FLYSCH. It has alternating hard layers of rock and layers of softer materials (black lutites and turbidites) that give it its distinctive colour. In Armintza the flysch also has intermediate areas with volcanic rock.

At low tide you can see a little geological treasure next to the port. It's a complicated S shaped fold or slump that was formed on the ocean floor and it's more than 10m thick.

DID YOU KNOW… A research team from the University of the Basque Country works with volcanic rocks from Armintza because they're similar to rocks from Mars. They've used them to calibrate analysis instruments for NASA's MARS 2020 and the ESA's EXOMARS missions that are looking for signs of ancient life on the red planet.