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Punta Begoña Galleries - Guided tour

Landscape, history & archeology

The Punta Begoña Galeries headland is an outstanding site to learn about the history of Getxo, and, by extension, the rest of Euskadi-The Basque Country. A geological landmark, a prehistoric settlement, a military gun emplacement, a centre of cultural and social splendour dating back to the early 20th century…its walls bear the marks of Bizkaia’s transformation over the past 100 years. The monument is now undergoing a refurbishment process designed to convert it into a setting for art, exhibitions, instruction and leisure for the community at large. Don’t pass up the opportunity to explore the inside and discover its history, which is your own history.
  • Date: Weekends
  • Time: Consult calendar on the web
  • Duración: 1 hour
  • Meeting point: Punta Begoña Galleries. North facade. Ereaga beach.
  • Edad mínima:
  • Plazas: 25
  • Price: 2 €
  • Languages: Eu, Es
  • Accesible:
  • Families:
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  • Information y reservations: Fundación Punta Begoña l